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Video: Scary pale mysterious figure caught on camera in Kentucky

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Tribune Web Desk

Chandigarh, July 19

A 33-second video of a mysterious pale human-like figure caught on security camera in Morehead, Kentucky, has sparked a debate among paranormal enthusiasts on the social media.  

The figures appeared pale lanky and hunched over and seen near the back garden of a home. It can be seen moving carefully looking around while approaching the owner's car.

“You can see his face clearly,” the person recording the video can be heard saying.

“Here’s the video of the Pale creature caught on a security cam near Moorhead, KY,” read the caption shared along with the video on Twitter.

The video went viral garnering over 5.36 lakh views and end number of reactions.

“You know the exact location? I’m part of a paranormal research team based in Morehead,” wrote a user inquiring about the details of the incident while another commented, “I feel like this looks like a person in a body suit.”

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