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BJP acts

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The BJP has swiftly expelled its head of the media cell of Delhi unit, and suspended one of its national spokespersons for making controversial remarks about Prophet Muhammad. Distancing itself from the statements of its two office-bearers that sparked protests in different parts of the country as well as in the Arab world, the BJP strongly denounced the insult of religious personalities. While several countries in the Gulf expressed reservations, India’s biggest problem came from Qatar, a key Gulf partner currently hosting the Vice-President of India. Despite a clarification that the functionaries in question didn’t represent the views of the Indian government, the Qatar foreign ministry summoned the Indian ambassador to convey its rejection of the controversial remarks. In the given circumstances, India and Qatar should work together against elements that aim to undercut the strength of bilateral ties between the two nations.

Sanjay Chopra, Mohali

Spokesperson expelled

Apropos of ‘Respect all faiths: BJP removes Nupur, Jindal’, the BJP has sent a message to its cadre by expelling its Delhi media in-charge Naveen Jindal and suspending its spokesperson Nupur Sharma from the primary membership of the party, for inflammatory comments against Prophet Mohammed. Persons occupying such posts are expected to exercise restraint while dealing with sensitive issues, but both failed in their duties.

Upendra Sharma, by mail

America’s actions

Apropos of the editorial, ‘American criticism of India’, by delineating the terribly dismal record of America’s performance vis-a-vis fomenting trouble across the world, transgressing democratic norms, supporting authoritarian regimes to further its own interests and violation of human rights, it has rightly been said that America has forfeited its right to act as a moral beacon for others. First be a practitioner of all that you intend to preach to others. But it is distressing that while countering the allegations hurled in the report on international religious freedom, nothing is said to rebut the charges with authentic and irrefutable evidence. After condemning America, we also need to introspect whether or not religious intolerance is growing in our own country, the controversy sparked by BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma being a case in point.

Roshan Lal Goel, Ladwa

Targeted killings

Apropos of ‘Kashmir killings’, the terrorists resorting to targeting the ordinary Kashmiri Pandits, non-Kashmiri Hindus, Muslims and even security personnel shows a concerted attempt to sow fear and challenge the efforts at attaining normalcy since the nullification of Article 370. The targeted killings are extremely difficult to prevent as security personnel have no way of knowing who will be the next target of the militants. This is in contrast to bigger terror operations that can be tracked through effective intelligence gathering. Previously, Kashmiri Muslim civilians have also been a target, but in recent months there has been a clear attempt to terrorise Kashmiri Pandits and the Hindu and Sikh communities in J&K. It is time for the Central government to recognise that the important task before it is to involve Kashmir’s mainstream political leadership, as they also have a role to play in their political outreach to minority communities in the Valley.

SK Singh, by mail

GHI rankings

The Global Hunger Index (GHI) is jointly published every year in October by Concern Worldwide, Ireland’s largest aid and humanitarian agency and Welthungerhilfe, one of the largest private aid organisations in Germany. India was ranked from 94th in the previous year to 101 out of 116 countries in the GHI for the year 2021. Astonishingly, now after a few months, those countries which stood much better than India in GHI ranking, are begging India to re-open wheat exports. Does it not put a question mark on GHI ranking?

RK Arora, Mohali

Fuel tax cuts

Reference to ‘Tussle over fuel taxes’, after gradually increasing the fuel prices, the Centre has lowered excise duties on petrol and diesel. The government’s decisions are also driven by its desire to stem the surge in inflation, and this will have a moderating influence on price pressures in the economy. But not just inflation, even growth gets adversely affected by accelerating prices as rise in fuel rates has a cascading effect on other commodities too. Now the state governments need to follow the Centre by reducing their VAT component on petroleum products. The combined impact of fuel tax cuts will provide relief to household budgets and small business balance sheets.

Lajwant Singh, by mail

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