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Alessa Berg explains her choice of impact investing as central field of work

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Adopting a sustainable lifestyle, including bringing circular practices in manufacturing and consumption across all industries, is a pressing need for today's generation. Alessa Berg, a graduate of Oxford University, admired the principles of impactful living and decided to become a part of it for the better.

Although Berg's impact investment and management firm, Top Tier Impact, started just to make a personal contribution to the positive impact space, their results in the world of impact and sustainability have turned them into a leading global ecosystem. Impact investing focuses on combining social and environmental benefits with financial returns.

 Investors, entrepreneurs and sustainability leaders from around the globe have come together to become a part of Top Tier Impact and solve some of the most critical problems of our time. Alessa Berg hopes to make substantial improvements to eradicate issues like waste management and climate change while building a world that follows a sustainable approach to life.


“The more I looked into it, the more I found ways in which the impact and sustainability space could be improved! I couldn't unsee that, so I had to make my own contribution. It just started by getting impact investors together to share our knowledge with each other. It quickly grew into much more," says the founder of TTI about her journey.


Berg's dedication to building a better planet is praiseworthy. She turned positive contributions to the world into a primary aspect of her life. She believes that companies practicing sustainability and collaboration instead of cut-throat competition to scale their activities are creating a better paradigm for our society.

Berg's zeal and enthusiasm to contribute to the global impact ecosystem are greatly reflected in her work. From funding startup innovators who wish to positively impact the planet to offering sustainability expertise to corporate leaders through TT Impact Strategies, TTI’s consulting business, her company is an action-driven group making visible changes.

"Impact investing is one of the fastest-growing investment categories. It’s not just here to stay, it will actually keep on growing faster” says TTI’s CEO. Berg understands the significance of impactful living and as an entrepreneur, she also identifies some of the biggest impact investment opportunities of the coming years.


With these innovative approaches and insights, Berg is revolutionizing the impact and sustainability ecosystem worldwide.

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