US clears sale of Mk-45 guns, will boost naval firepower

New Delhi, November 21

The Indian Navy is scheduled to get new US-made medium-range guns that will be installed on two separate class of warships.

Made by BAE systems, the Mk-45 will provide new firing ability to the Navy. The US Navy uses the same gun.

The US State Department has cleared the sale of naval guns worth $1 billion (Rs 7,100 crore) to India through foreign military sales route, the Defence Space Cooperation Agency said. A required certification by notifying the US Congress of this sale was delivered on November 19.

Sources said these guns will be installed on the upcoming Nilgiri class of frigates and Vishakhapatnam class destroyers. The guns can fire the newest variety of ammunition up to a distance of 36 km. This is greater than the 21.5-km range offered by the Russian AK-176 gun or the 20-km range of Italian Oto Malera 76 mm cannon.

The gun is unique in its specifications at 45.5 inch/62 calibre. The Navy has BrahMos for long-range targets and Mk-45 will be for closer targets. India will buy up to 13 guns and 3,500 pieces of ‘D349 Projectiles’. — TNS

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