Violence, no solution to any problem

This refers to a news item, ‘Two shops sealed, ruckus at PU’, published in these columns on November 2. Students and their leader, the president of the PUCSC, should not have created ruckus on the campus over the issue of sealing of two eateries at Student Centre by the authorities. The authorities also must be concerned about the needs of the students, but they are also bound by some rules and regulations set by the management. Instead of creating nuisance on the campus, the students should have peacefully approached the authorities for finding a viable solution to the issue. Indiscipline and violence is no solution to any problem.  Sanjay Chopra, Mohali 

Encroachment in Sec 32

The authorities should look into the blatant disregard of some shopkeepers towards the market-goers. Commuting in Sector 32 market has become next to impossible due to encroachments in the corridor and parking lots. The authorities should look into the matter at the earliest and ensure that the violators do not encroach upon the areas meant for walking and parking.  Sampurna

Take steps to fight smog

Thick smog has engulfed Delhi-NCR, Punjab, Haryana and some parts of UP as air quality has worsened. Chandigarh is still not that much affected and the air quality index is satisfactory. However, the UT is also at the brink of getting polluted by smog. The Administration and the MC must take preventive measures and issue guidelines in this regard. Karan S Vinayak, chandigarh

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