Patiala college orders dress code for MBBS students

Karam Prakash

Tribune News Service

Patiala, October 18

The local Government Medical College (GMC) authorities  have directed MBBS girl students, who are freshers, to show up in classes only in salwar-kameez and dupatta.

They have been told  that wearing  jeans and leggings was against the college decorum.

This is not the first time that the college authorities have issued such guidelines. 

Earlier this year, the students were told not to party and roam around during late hours or order food online.

Terming the diktat as regressive, students said it was a violation of their right to choose what to wear. Sources said similar guidelines were issued four years ago as well.

A new MBBS student said, “Not allowing us to wear clothes of our choice is unfair.” Justifying the diktat, anatomy Professor Dr Gurdeep Singh Kalyan said, “I have asked girl students to wear salwar-suit because they have to spend around two hours in anatomy classes and wearing salwar-suit will make them more comfortable.”

The justification

As MBBS students have to spend two hours in anatomy classes, I asked girls to wear salwar-suit, which will make them more comfortable.— Dr Gurdeep Singh Kalyan, Anatomy prof

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