New MVA leads to market slump

Tribune News Service

Jammu, September 19

Business in the city has considerably slowed down after the implementation of the Motor Vehicle Act in Jammu and Kashmir that came into force on September 16.

The reason being that most buyers of grocery to drapery, furniture and other items of daily use usually moved on two-wheelers or cars to reach various bazaars for shopping. Since strict rules having come into force, many vehicle owners who are short of driving documents or do not possess valid papers to drive vehicles are not risking to drive due to heavy challans.

This has left various markets in Jammu half-deserted as only those who commute on foot or take matador services to various points are the left-over customers.

“ The business has hit adversely as the major customers to the markets used to be people from high-profile areas who shop without caring much for price tags. A general customer is very choosy and bargain on everything which is not that much profitable,’ said Ramesh Chander, a wholesale cloth merchant at Raj Tilak Road.

Similar views came from other shopkeepers from Raghunath Bazar, Kanak Mandi, Patel Bazaar, the areas which are prominent markets in selling cloth, shoes, utensils and cosmetics.

At present, the season being festive in Jammu, fall in business has affected many shopkeepers as they had already stocked their godowns with commonly purchased items during Navratras and Diwali.

“Scare is high among many shopkeepers who have stocked materials in lakhs for the festive season. We are not even sure to get investments back,” said Ravinder Singh, a utensils seller at Rani Park.

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