55-mm rain brings Gurugram to a halt

Sumedha Sharma

Tribune News Service

Gurugram, August 13

A couple of hours of heavy rainfall in the city on Tuesday and the city’s transport infrastructure collapsed. Waterlogging, power outages and traffic snarls were the order of the day, when the city received 55 mm of rain, the highest of the season so far.

The showers coincided with closing hours of offices, leading to a heavy rush on roads. Commuters were left stranded, with autos refusing to ply and online cab operators failing to meet the heavy rush.

More than 100 people, including several women, stood waiting for a ride back home from HUDA City Centre. OLA and Uber autos demanded Rs200 for five km for shared rides and Rs350 for solo rides.

A majority of cab bookings were cancelled owing to the heavy rush hour and waterlogging. Sources say many cab operators charged Rs500 per person. To add to the woes of commuters, policemen refused to interfere in the matter when approached.

“In New Delhi, cops not only arrange autos in times of need, but also ensure that commuters are not fleeced. But in Gurugram, this was not the case. An auto driver demanded Rs150 for a ride that generally costs me Rs50. I requested a policeman posted at HUDA City Centre to impress upon the driver to charge a justified price for my ride, but he refused to interfere,” said Namrata Bains, an executive who travels through Metro to Delhi for work.

“The entire city is dependent on cabs and autos. I kept waiting for an auto for an hour. Auto operators need to be taken to task for refusing to ply. I complained to a cop, but he shooed me away,” said another local resident Sakshi Nangia.

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