Muddier streets of Sirki Bazaar unbearable, say shopkeepers

Tribune News Service

Bathinda, July 19

The unpleasant condition of Sirki Bazaar, one of the major markets in city, has become almost unbearable for the visitors.

Though there is no accumulation of water, muck all over the streets is a common site. This not only generates foul smell, but increases the chances of spreading of vector-borne diseases.

The authorities, however, said a majority of the work for cleaning the muck had been completed. The remaining would be done very soon, a MC official told The Tribune during the telephonic conversation.

The shopkeepers in the market complained that their businesses have been affected due to administration’s negligence. Why anyone would come to the market in such conditions, they asked.

Shyam Bahadur, a medical shop owner, said, “Muckier conditions adjacent to my shop have not only taken away customers, but also made it difficult for me to sit here for all day. These deplorable conditions may also lead to spreading of vector-borne diseases. Earlier, the water level on this street had reached up to five feet. When this came down, muddier conditions were waiting for us.”

He also accused the Municipal Corporation and a private company named Triveni of negligence. If authorities couldn’t save houses of even senior officials, such Inspector General of Police, from submerging, what we could expect for us, he added. Another shopkeeper said, “We have been sitting idle from yesterday. No customer is ready to visit this bazaar. I urge the authorities to clear the mud.”

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