A tribute to a legendary litterateur — Thakur Molu Ram

Thakur Molu Ram was a divine soul. He was a noble man par-excellence. With the passing away of this marvellous poet, writer and author of about 15 books, the HP circle of dominating personalities of literary field felt orphaned. It is a tragic loss to all of us. Pahari culture and pahari language became immortal due to his inventional thinking and imagination. 

His contribution to the invention/ creation of ‘Pahaari Bhaasha’ will immortalise him in the history of Himachal Pradesh for the time to come. 

He achieved greatness by hard labour. He was born in a poverty stricken, humble rural family and entered government service in a ministerial (clerical) cadre and retired as Deputy Director, Department of Languages and Culture, Shimla, HP. He got diplomas in Chinese and Tibbetan Languages. He possessed a multi-faceted personality and was very close to Dr Parmar and Lal Chand Prarathi. ‘Kulut-Desh Ki Kahani’ was in fact penned by him though it was shown as written by Late Lal Chand Prarthi, ex-Cabinet minister of HP and second to former CM Dr Parmar. He was a known voice to his listeners at AIR, Shimla, and he was instrumental in shaping the image of new Himachal in the country and abroad. He was virtually a renowned personality, who contributed a lot in popularising the pahaari culture of the hilly states and India throughout the world. 

His preface to my Hindi poetry book ‘Shatdha’, and ‘Dev-Vaani’ — a pahaari poetry, as well as collection of Kulvi Folk Songs, Folk-Tales in Kulvi-Dialect, earned me a status of an author and poet. He left for heavenly abode at the ripe age of 91. May his soul rest in peace!

KK Sharma ‘Vidrohi’, Kullu

‘Divine souls never depart’

“Divine souls never, depart,

They merge with the formless,

And reside in the hearts — as an inspiration for eternity.

Some are born great,

Some achieve greatness,

And on some greatness is thrust upon.” 

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