Walking with the Lord

Sonia Khurana

HAVING no conveyance is a big setback these days. In the scorching heat, while I had to walk home, I longed that someone offer me a lift. It hardly happened. Due to the non-availability of a rickshaw or autorickshaw, I had to walk two km daily from the main road. So when I got my own Activa, I made it a point to support others by providing them a lift on my way. I went through sweet and sour experiences during this journey. 

Once, as I turned toward the road leading to my home, I saw one lady with a bundle of blankets and some other stocks moving slowly. I stopped my conveyance near her and offered her a lift. In spite of being a stranger, she quickly arranged her stocks on the Activa and sat comfortably while reciting many blessings. I gladly  dropped her at her place which was on my way.

Another time I saw a sick, weak woman walking while carrying a hospital pouch in her hand. Before I could offer, she begged me for a lift. Without a second thought, I dropped her at her residence. She told me that she had been just discharged from a hospital and since all her money had been spent on bills and medicines, there was none left for the fare. Without any attendant, she was going home on foot. My heart was filled with pity.

Some daily commuters now have a bonding with me. Wherever they meet me, they gladly enjoy my ride. In this age, everyone is in a hurry to reach the destination fast. Every second is precious.

Once on my way to school, as I entered a long bridge, I saw an old lady walking. I politely requested her to sit on my conveyance. But due to her strange fears or for some other reason, she gave a flat refusal, though I tried repeatedly. 

Compulsions and problems of the middle class people, shortage of money, unaffordability of self-conveyance and skyrocketing fares!

I can well understand the endless troubles that a person for whom it's a big task to make both ends meet encounters. If my small help brings a cheer to someone, why think twice to offer it?

When I told my mother about this gesture of mine, she didn't appreciate it. Suspicions and doubts about my safety worry her. She even warned me against my so-called generous gesture. My husband, who reads news about crimes minutely, too discourages me. But I stand by my decision independently. 

What I remember are the huge blessings, the comfort and the pleasant feelings of my co-mates. Nothing else. When I help somebody with a lift, I feel as if I am walking with the Lord.

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