‘Youth will take Capt to task for reneging on promises’

Tribune News Service

Bathinda, April 17

Union Food Processing Minister Harsimrat Kaur Badal said today that youth would take the Congress and Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh to task for reneging on the ‘ghar ghar naukari’ and unemployment allowance promises made to them.

“The Congress and the Chief Minister cannot fool the youth any longer with fudged figures of employment. The latest figures of the Centre for Research in Rural and Industrial Development (CRRID) reveals that unemployment has increased in the state in the past two years with over 22 lakh youth being unemployed,” she said.

The Bathinda MP said the figures were an eye opener for everyone and now, the Chief Minister should explain why he had backstabbed the youth and reneged on the promises made to them.

“With what face will you go to the youth to ask for votes,” she asked the CM, adding “your government’s inability to add more jobs has further worsened effects of the farming crisis which has gripped the state after you promised farmers a complete loan waiver and went back on your word.”

Harsimrat said things had come to such a state that like farmers the youth were also losing hope.

“The life of 23-year-old Harmandeep was snuffed out two days ago when he decided to commit suicide after failing to get any job despite being a postgraduate. He was also the youngest panch of his village – Teona Pujari. Capt Amarinder is solely responsible for this loss. He must explain why he lied and deceived the youth when he did not have any intention to give them gainful employment,” she said.

The Union minister said even now, the Congress was trying to indulge in a cover-up operation by stating that they had given some jobs in the private sector.

“This is a complete lie. The Congress government tried to act like a placement agency by holding job melas. This exercise has also been a complete failure. The Congress government’s credibility is so low that the youth are shunning ‘sarkari’ job melas,” she added.

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