A ‘learned’ musician

Preet Sanghreri holds an impressive array of degrees but his real love lies in writing. Some books and many songs to his credit, it is films that he aims penning next


One thing that can be said with certainty about Preet Sanghreri is that here is one lyricist who is absolutely in love with academics. What else would you make out of the degrees he holds - MA Hindi and Punjabi, B Ed, PGDCA, MSc (IT), MCA and M Phil and no he isn’t done yet. Currently he is pursuing a PhD in Punjabi, focusing on songs in Pakistani films, trying to establish if the Punjabi culture on the two sides of the border is any different...

A PhD after so many degrees? “Ji, Preet Sanghreri to Dr Preet Sanghreri banana hai,” says the rustic man who took around his songs for 13 long years before anyone opted to sing them. “A writer needs to have the confidence that his work is precious before he can ensure that it reaches people,” says this writer whose number Lovely vs PU sung by Ravinder Grewal and Shipra Goyal got pretty popular. Besides, Preet has written songs sung by Manmohan Waris, Kamal Heer, Lakhwinder Wadali, Miss Pooja and Jaismeen Jassi and others. Recently, he also debuted as a singer with Pakki Sarpanchi. “I am the most learned singer-writer in Pollywood,” laughs Preet, which by the way is a pen name, his real name being Chamkaur Singh Ghuman.  

Just like Lovely, most of his songs stem from life and skip away daru and hathyar that dominate the popular Punjabi numbers. Preet is of the belief that songs/films are made to suit the audience’s tastes. “It’s for the listeners to appreciate good work, so that more of it comes and thus end content with violence and other stuff that might not leave a good impression on the society.”

Good reading is the first step towards writing fine and trust this Sanghreri lyricist to choose but the best. A huge fan of Surjit Patar whose Hawa Vich Likhe Harf is his all-time favourite. Apart from songs, he has written some six books - Mere Haani, Mere Pind Di Phirni Ton, Antim Ichcha, Moh Diya Tandah, Kalman De Hal and Loh Purush.

More than books, what Preet is kicked about is that come September he would get credit as a lyricist in Roshan Prince’ film Nanka Mel. Post this is jumping to film writing and Preet is all set with two scripts – one comedy, another action, and he is ready for whatever it takes to bring them to screen. “For 13 years I went around looking for an artiste to lend voice to my words. I kept faith that my words are relatable and would find its voice, so would my films,” he signs off...


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