PGI doc: If not operated upon in time, many would’ve lost vision

Sandeep Rana

Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, March 20

The 24 patients who suffered eye infection following botched cataract surgeries in Kurukshetra’s Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Civil Hospital (LNJPCH) would have lost their eyesight had they not been operated upon immediately in the PGIMER here, said Dr MR Dogra, head of the Advanced Eye Centre, PGIMER.

“It seemed there was a problem with the solution used in the cataract surgery at the LNJPCH. The operation theatre in the Kurukshetra hospital should have been closed after the initial cases of eye infection were reported,” he said.

Dr Dogra further said, “It is a very serious matter. Had the patients not come for operation in time here, they would have lost their eyesight completely.” “Several solutions are put in the eyes during a cataract surgery. Some are used to clean the eyes and some to protect the eyes. This problem (the use of wrong solution) doesn’t seem to be restricted to Kurukshetra only, as we have received a couple of similar cases from other parts of Haryana,” he added.

About 100 cataract surgeries were reportedly performed between February 27 and March 11. At least, 24 patients reported irritation after the operation.

All of them were shifted to the PGIMER later. Some patients also came from private hospitals for the same problem in the past couple of weeks. Several of them had been operated upon, but their families said many of them were yet to gain vision.

PGIMER doctors said patients were gradually gaining vision, but the infection may spread again. “We are working on a war footing. We have formed special teams. We have deployed staff for surgery and asked them everybody should be treated,” Dr Dogra said.

Dinesh Kumar, whose mother Bimla Devi underwent a cataract operation on March 9 at Agarwal Nursing Home in Kurukshetra, said: “It seems the supplier of materials used in the operation of all hospitals is the same. The material has caused the problem. Even after the operation at the PGIMER, my mother has not gained vision.”

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