Kurukshetra NIT warns students against gate-crashing weddings

New Delhi, March 20

The National Institute of Technology (NIT) in Kurukshetra has warned its students against gate-crashing weddings near its premises.

“It has been reported that some of the students have been going to attend weddings in the city without an invitation. This is not only unethical and immoral but also uncalled for,” read a letter sent to the hostel inmates by the Chief Warden.

Sources in the institute said off late there had been complaints that students had been gate-crashing weddings to skip meals in the mess which is why the directive was issued. The letter directed the students to desist from indulging in such “uncivilised activities”, which also brings a bad name to the institution. “Disciplinary action as per the institute rules will be taken against students if they are found indulging in such an activity,” the letter said. — PTI

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