Haryana in step with national trend

Has gone with party voted to power at Centre since

Sushil Manav
Tribune News Service
Chandigarh, March 19

As Haryana goes to parliamentary polls on May 12, a look at the results of elections held since 1967 shows that voters of the state have largely gone with the trends at the national level.
Haryana was carved out as a separate state from Punjab on November 1, 1966, and in the parliamentary elections in 1967, the Congress won eight seats while one seat each went to the Bharatiya Jan Sangh (BJS) and an Independent.
In 1971, the Congress again won eight seats while one seat each went to the BJS and Vishal Haryana Party (VHP).
Congress came to power at the Centre both in 1967 as well as in 1971.
In the wake of the Janata Party wave in 1977, all the 10 seats went to Bharatiya Lok Dal (BLD), the party under whose symbol JP contested the polls. In the 1980 parliamentary poll, which was a comeback election for Indira Gandhi, the Congress won five seats in Haryana with Janata Party (Secular) getting four and Janata Party one.
In 1984, after the assassination of Indira Gandhi, the Congress won all the 10 seats. The party got a landslide in the Lok Sabha.
The Haryana voters gave a mixed result in 1989, with four seats going to the Congress and Devi Lal’s Janata Dal winning the other six.
In 1991, when the Congress made a comeback after Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination; the party won nine out of 10 seats and only the Bhiwani seat went to HVP.
The 1996 election saw only Bhupinder Singh Hooda (Rohtak) and Selja (Sirsa) winning for the Congress, while Suraj Bhan (Ambala), ID Swami (Karnal), Ram Chander (Faridabad) and Ram Singh (Mahendragarh) won for the BJP. OP
Jindal (Kurukshetra), Surender Singh (Bhiwani) and Jai Parkash (Hisar) of Bansi Lal’s HVP also won, while the Sonepat seat was won by Arvind Sharma, an Independent.
Once again, the 1998 election was a mixed bag in Haryana. Bhajan Lal (Karnal), BS Hooda (Rohtak) and Rao Inderjit (Mahendragarh) won three seats for the Congress, while Kailasho Devi (Kurukshetra), Kishan Singh (Sonepat), Surender Barwala (Hisar) and Sushil Indora (Sirsa) brought four seats for HLD.
Surender Singh (Bhiwani) from HVP, Ram Chander Bainda (Faridabad) from BJP and Aman Nagra (Ambala) from the BSP also made it the Lok Sabha.
The 1999 polls saw a Vajpayee wave and a wipeout of the Congress. The BJP and INLD won five seats each.
In 2004, which was a comeback election for the Congress at the Centre, the party won nine out of 10 seats with only Kishan Singh Sangwan (Sonepat) winning for the BJP. In 2009, the Congress again won nine out of 10 seats. Bhajan Lal of HJC won the 10th seat.

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