Image matters

National Award winning actress Neena Gupta says she got stereotyped and was offered only negative roles in the early days of her career due to her public image and personal life. “I suffered as an actress because of my public image. So I think it is important to maintain a certain image to get roles in cinema,” the actress said in an interactive session during Act Fest in Mumbai. “The society has not changed even today and that is why I want to tell all the aspiring actresses especially — do not be very candid at your professional space.” Starting her career with Gandhi in 1982. In recent times, her performance in Baadhai Ho garnered huge appreciation.  Neena, 59, is the mother of celebrated fashion designer Masaba Gupta who is the lovechild of Neena and the iconic  cricketer Vivian Richards. “I had a child out of wedlock and that proved me as a strong headed woman which I am; but back then, a strong woman could only play a vamp! So I ended up playing mostly negative roles. Anything that is perceived as a sign of strong, liberated woman... that might just offer you a certain type of role,” she said. —IANS 

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