Cops issued 37,935 challans for traffic violations in 2018

Sukhmeet Bhasin

Tribune News Service

Bathinda, Febraury 11

The district police issued 37,935 challans for traffic violations in 2018.

Of them, 12,587 violators paid the fine on the spot while others (25,348) paid it in the court. The police got Rs1.26 crore as fines in the district.

According to the available data from January 1, 2018, to December 31, 2018, the traffic police issued the maximum challans to those driving two-wheelers without helmet as in 2017, cops had issued 5,891 challans for the same violation.

During the same period, the traffic police issued 5,108 challans to those driving cars without using the seatbelt. A total of 4,519 challans were issued for jumping the red light.

Though overspeeding is one of the major reasons for fatal road accidents in the state, the traffic police issued only 63 challans for the offence last year.

It has been attributed to the lone speed radar that keeps a check on overspeeding.

Moreover, 1,959 challans were issued for using mobile phone while driving. The police issued 2,697 challans for triple riding.

While, 1,604 persons were fined for wrong parking in the district, while 1,433 were issued challans for using wrong number plates on the vehicles. The cops issued 71 challans for drink and drive in the district.

In 2017, the traffic police had issued 31,015 challans , while they collected Rs1 crore as fine from the violators.

Though the traffic police promptly issue challans for other violations on the road, they seem to be turning a blind eye to teenagers zipping past on city roads as cops did not issue much challans for underage driving in the city last year.

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