Nawanshahr OOAT centre helps youths shun drugs

Addicts after being treated successfully leading normal life with their kin

Tribune News Service

Nawanshahr, February 10

OOAT Centres are proving a boon for strengthening the social fabric. These have been helping victims of drug abuse to rejoin their families by providing effective treatment to them in Nawanshahr district.

Recently, a youth who got addicted to drugs in Australia five years ago has been treated for de-addiction successfully here.

Dali (name changed) had gone to that country to earn money after completing his nursing diploma here. However, he fell prey to drugs during his five-and-a-half-year stay there. After returning to India five years ago, he shattered the dreams of his family. His sister shared the concern with a school teacher who was a senior buddy of a buddy group of a school. The school teacher brought the matter into the notice of the district administration and managed to get the drug victim to the local OOAT Centre.

His arrival to the centre changed the course of his life and now, after five months of treatment, he has started leading a normal life. Now in his thirties, he is spending time with his family.

Dr Prince Janagill, in-charge, Nawanshahr OOAT Centre, said not only Dali, but there were also many other youngsters who had been getting de-addiction treatment here and witnessing change in their lives.

“We have been successful in bringing them back from the dark side of their lives with our concerted efforts,” he said.

Dr Janagill, who is also a youngster, treats the addicts not as guilty, but with compassion to bail them out of the menace.

“Many addicts are so firm to shun the drugs and visit the centre regularly, he said.

Narrating the bitter experiences from his job, he said many a times, staff of the centre had to face a tough time during the counseling of such youngsters but now they are used to the same. The staff that includes himself, a counsellor, Renuka Kler, and a dispenser, Sandeep, do not mind if someone gets irritated during the enquiry or counselling. Instead, they understand their pain and stigma and try to make them strong enough to shun the evil.

While narrating the tale of another 26-year-old person who is working with a mobile phone shop, he said he came here in December last and now, he visits the centre daily before going to the shop. As he does not want to get addicted to drugs again, hence he regularly visits the centre.

Another 19-year-old, who had got addicted to drugs after the death of his father, was brought here by his aged grandfather recently. He also visits the centre regularly to get rid of the peril and wants to become a responsible member of his family.

“It depends on our will power whether we will succeed in getting rid of drug addiction or not,” Dr Janagill added.

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