Remain vigilant about yellow rust, farmers told

Tribune News Service

Ambala, February 10

With expectation of a steep hike in day temperature in the coming days, the Agriculture Department has cautioned farmers to monitor the wheat crop regularly as yellow rust may hit the crop in mid-February.

About 82,000 hectares are under the wheat crop in Ambala this season.

It is a fungal disease which manifests as powdery yellow stripes on leaves. These stripes hinder photosynthesis, make the grain shrivel and stop the growth of the plant.

Deputy Director Agriculture Girish Nagpal said, “Yellow rust generally hits the crop in mid-February and the farmers are advised to visit wheat fields regularly. A sudden rise in daytime temperature and low temperature during the night is conducive for fungal growth. So farmers must remain vigilant about the outbreak of yellow rust.”

“The disease spreads very quickly. Regular monitoring and timely prevention can effectively curb this menace. An advisory is being issued to the farmers. Panchkula, Ambala, Yamunanagar and some parts of Kurukshetra and Karnal are the most-prone areas where yellow rust strikes,” he added.

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