Right in the middle

A centre table is the most underrated furniture in the living area. It’s time we realised its value

Sidhant Lamba

Most conversations happen in the living area of the house. It won’t be incorrect to say that it is also the family and friend zone of the house because it is here that most get-togethers are done, it is this area that serves as a pad for house parties. As a result, décor of the living area gives people an idea about your aesthetic sense. So, if you want to be flooded with compliments for your choices, make sure that you make the right ones. 

Centre table, in literal terms, is the centre of attraction in the living area, but often we forget about it and focus only on the sofa, vases, chandeliers and other decorative items. It usually is considered just a piece of furniture used for placing tea or coffee. But, the table will be used by most of your guests and it will be the first thing they will notice. So, it is important to get its decor right.

Glass-topped center table: Under the glass-topped table, you can display several accessories. These won’t cover any extra space and will catch the eye of your guests. For instance, you can assemble a good collection of books on the lower shelf and decorate the upper glass top with flower vases, candle stands, and fancy cutlery. Let your art speak and your decor describe you. If you love art and have an eye for it, why not let people see and appreciate it! Not only will you be able to channelise your creativity, but will also add charm to your living room.

A statement table: It is not always necessary to do up your table with décor accessories. You can also opt for a statement table, and let it speak for itself. Investing in a classic table might take care of the entire décor.

More the merrier: Multiple tables in varying sizes make for an interesting seating arrangement. You can go either with the same design with smart variations or match them with the theme of your décor. For instance, a mix and match of rustic and classic can give a good thematic feel to the room. Choosing more than one table can be a good alternative to buying a huge, boring piece of furniture. 

Go minimalistic: Simple is not necessarily staid. And if ‘keeping it simple’ is what you like, don’t go for accessories. Just buy a classic table and use one accessory. For example, one-flower vase or a fancy tray. 

— The writer is founder, Fabrento.

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