What’s in a nameplate

Madan Gupta Spatu

According to astrology, numerology and vaastu shastra, each number and each alphabet has an influence on life. In Bollywood, it is a common practice to add or drop a certain letter from the name. This is done to ensure that the name is in consonance with the lucky number. This leads to harmony and success. And if names matter so much, how can the name plate be any less important, especially if vaastu is considered to have a postive affect on the prosperity of home. The colour combination of nameplate can be as per numerological and astrological advice.

What makes people reach your house is your house number and nameplate. A quality nameplate makes a good first impression. It reflects the house owner’s personality. 

Spoilt for choice

In earlier days, or even today in government offices, one finds such name plates made in wood. The era has changed and we come across name plates in various styles, which are modern, abstract and concept-based. They are hung or affixed on the doors or to letter boxes at the entrance. Some hang it on poles with a lamp shade. 

Mostly nameplates for apartments are made of acrylic or fibre. Signage for bigger and independent houses and buildings are generally made of glass and steel. The designer nameplates use fonts creatively and have a wooden finish. Designer and multi-compound nameplates are made from a combination of different materials like wood, glass, steel, terracotta, brass, jute, fabric, grass or coconut. One can customise nameplates in various shapes. Rectangle, square, oval, round, house-shaped are a few examples. The nameplates can be etched with motifs, or engraved with floral designs, eye-catching calligraphy, etc.

Practical picks

Now a days,  house  owners prefer personalised nameplates. Consequently, nameplate designs often incorporate themes or the interest of family members, or the profession of a person, sometimes degrees too. 

If you’re opting for a see-through acrylic or glass nameplate, make sure the lettering is in a colour that’s visible against the wall. Size of the nameplate too  matters. Must ensure that all the important information on the nameplate is clearly legible. It should be readable from at least a foot or two away. For instance, if the nameplate is just outside the door, the recommended height of letters is three inches. For the nameplates that you affix on the main gate, the minimum height of the information printed on it should be no less than five inches. 

It is always advisable to illuminate the nameplate with an external LED fixture. What’s more, LED lighting is energy efficient. Your nameplate should also be weather proof. It is regularly cleaned. Fix it tightly so that it does not tilt like pendulum or the insects make a room behind.  

Positivity please 

The main door of a home is not only the entry point for its residents, but also for energy. Choose the correct material for the nameplate for positivity and harmony. A metal nameplate is recommended if the door is in the north or west direction. A wooden nameplate is suitable if the door is in the south or east direction.

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