Docs issue cold weather tips for diabetic foot care

Ludhiana, January 11

Since it is that time of winters when prefers to keep oneself warm with the help of hot water bottles and heaters, the diabetic patients need to exercise caution while keeping their feet warm, as this can sometimes lead to complications.

Doctors advise that diabetic patients should not expose their feet directly to heat and such appliances. They should not walk barefoot and if any blisters occur, they should contact the doctor immediately to make sure that it does not give rise to any other complication.

Discussing one such case, Dr Parminder Singh, Professor and Head of Endocrinology from Dayanand Medical College and Hospital said, 60- year-old Anmol Kumar is a case of known diabetes for the past eight years. During winter, he was regularly using hot water bottle to get relief from the cold but recently, when he used the bottle, he saw blisters in the sole of his feet with water oozing out of it.

“This occurs because diabetes affects the nerves of the patients, resulting in decreased sensation in the feet,” he said.—TNS

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