Historical gate of Guru Gobind Singh Marg cries for attention

Lovleen Bains
Sahnewal, January 11

Even as the birthday of the 10th guru of the Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh, is being celebrated with fervour, no one seems to be actually bothered about the historical gate from where the guru of the Sikhs crossed enroute Machhiwara Sahib to Talwandi Sabo.

Residents consider this marg to be pious and holy as their guru passed through it, but the government, it seems, has no time to spare even the slightest thought to the deplorable condition of the gate, which is not only worn out but also carries the risk of collapsing even with the slight sudden jerk of a heavy vehicle.

“The whole marg is marked by the holy presence of our 10th guru,” shared a resident. “It is not only a historical gate but a spot from where the great personality treaded at one time,” he added.

“But unfortunately the gate of Guru Gobind Singh Marg is in a shabby condition. It seems that the government has paid little attention towards its upkeep ever since it was first erected. It appears that the erection of the gate and naming it after the 10th guru was only to garner votes. The thought of its maintenance or repair has never crossed the mind of any government till date, as its condition indicates,” complained Kaar Sewa in-charge, Gurudwara Reru Sahib Baba Major Singh.

“The gate is in a dilapidate state. It is no doubt a fine piece of architecture, but the worse condition in which it presently stands, should make us feel ashamed as we otherwise boast of being his proud successors and hold samagams as a part of his birth anniversary celebrations. This shows our apathy towards the preservation of rich historical remembrances. The worn out bricks are ready to give way. The tarnished and faded paint speaks volumes of its lack of upkeep,” added another resident.

President Municipal Council Sahnewal Sukhjit Singh Hara, when contacted, said, “We are concerned about the condition of the gate and thinking in terms of either rectifying or shifting it at some distance from the main highway so that the big trailers that pass from there, may not pose a problem for the commuters and residents.

“Since it is a religious issue and public sentiment is attached to it, we have to be careful while taking a final decision. Moreover, as the project of four laning too is in the pipeline, we have to keep that too in mind,” he added.

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