BJP attacks Rahul, says ‘clown prince holds another press conference based on lies’

rafale row

Vibha Sharma
Tribune News Service
New Delhi, October 11

The BJP, which has mostly been depending upon national spokesperson Sambit Patra to deal with Rahul Gandhi’s allegations on the Rafale jet deal, on Thursday again fielded him to take on the Congress chief.

“Clown prince holds a press conference again based on lies,” said Patra hitting back at  Gandhi.

“Is Supreme Court and Air Chief right or Rahul Gandhi,” Patra asked, challenging Gandhi to produce documents to prove the French president's statement to him.

“Why don't you go to court if you have the documents to prove what you said,” Patra added, launching his fiercest retaliation against Gandhi who today called Prime Minister Narendra Modi “corrupt and Anil Ambani’s Prime Minister,” asking him to “resign”.

"Clown Prince has the audacity to lie again despite being caught lying earlier. This is sheer shamelessness. The entire Gandhi family is corrupt and you are pointing fingers at us. All these industrialists became rich in the tenure of the Congress.

“You have called Prime Minister Narendra Modi prime minister of Ambani. In fact it is you who come from the family of middlemen. Your father was an official middleman. You tell us was your father Rajiv Gandhi Prime Minister of Ottavio Quattrocchi ," said Patra launching a strident attack against Gandhi.

"You have seen middlemanship throughout your country so you cannot come out of it. India will no longer tolerate clown prince playing with the security of the country. India believes in the Supreme Court and Air Chief of India,” Patra said.

Interestingly, he refused to say the Hindi word for “middleman” while refuting the Shiv Sena's observations. On Gandhi's allegations against Nirmala Sitharaman's visit to France, he said it was pre-decided. 

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