Hindu outfits get meat shops shut in Gurugram

Sumedha Sharma

Tribune News Service

Gurugram, October 10

The Sanyunkt Hindu Sangharsh Samiti (SHSS), an organisation of 22 Hindu groups, including the Shiv Sena and the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), ‘forced’ local meat shops and non-vegetarian dhabas to shut on the first day of Navratri on Wednesday.

While the local police claimed that they did so only in Sector 14, where four activists were nabbed for rioting, the Samiti declared their ‘win’ by getting over 300 shops shut. The Samiti claimed to have made 10 senas that went across the city getting shops shut.

“We had given the administration enough time to take action to uphold Hindu sentiments but they took our warnings as hoax claims. We got the shops shut today to show our power. They asked us not to oppose namaaz in open during Ramzaan and we did not but today, when we wanted the favour back in Navratri, the administration turned a blind eye. We did not resort to any vandalism or ruckus but firmly requested and got the job done,” said Mahaveer Bhardwaj, convenor of the Samiti.

The meat sellers, however, had a different story to tell. They claimed they were threatened and roughed up.

“We have been getting threats since the past two days and were scared so we had already put blinds in front of our shops. A group of 20 men came and asked me to celebrate Navratri by shutting the shop or face music. I had no option but to accept their ‘request’,” said Kalim Siddqui, a meat seller in Sadar Bazar.

According to the Samiti, they did not target any restaurant like last year, but only meat shops.

“They are illegal butcher houses. Licenses were issues only to 120, which too have expired, but over a 1,000 shops run in Gurugram and authorities are not bothered. This is illegal and it will have to go. If they can’t do it we will. Meat shops will remain closed all Navratri,” added Bhardwaj.

Meanwhile, Hindu outfits also went ahead putting boards outside houses of Minister Rao Narbeer Singh and Local MLA Umesh Aggarwal, asking for Falahaar parties in Navratri as they arrange Iftaar parties in Eid.

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