DUSU polls: ABVP walks away with three posts; NSUI one

Ananya Panda

Tribune News Service

New Delhi, September 13

The ABVP, student wing of the Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh, is left in cheers as on Thursday as it snatched away the top two posts of president and vice-president from its traditional challenger Congress-affiliated NSUI, in the Delhi University Students' Union (DUSU) polls. The ABVP pocketed three posts, including the joint secretary in total, while the NSUI secured victory on one seat of secretary.

Faulty electronic voting machines (EVMs) followed by allegations by the NSUI against the Delhi University administration of "rigging" the votes to "favour" the ABVP marred the DUSU which saw a neck and neck contest between the top two contenders of the central panel.

Ankiv Basoya of the ABVP won the presidential post with 20,467 votes - a margin of 1,744 votes while Shakti Singh was named the new vice-president walking away with the post with 2,304 votes, which in turn is a margin of 7,673 votes from NSUI's Leena who secured 15,373 votes. NSUI presidential candidate Sunny Chhillar got 18,723 votes.

NSUI Akash Choudhary brought the solace to his party securing 20,198 votes on the secretary's post leaving Sudhir of ABVP at 14,109 votes. The post of the joint secretary went to ABVP's Jyoti who polled 1,953 votes as compared to her NSUI competitor Saurabh who stood second with 1,4381 votes.

During the day, accused of bias and alleged "gross irregularities" in the DUSU elections, the university chief election officer Prof VK Kaul announced the suspension of the counting for the day, the first time in its history. Though later after hectic parleys for a compromise among all the contenders the counting resumed post 6 pm after extra commandoes were deployed at the site. 

After counting, which began two hours later than the scheduled 8 am at the heavily guarded Community Centre in Kingsway Camp, of votes from South Campus colleges all the four candidates of the ABVP were at the top. Soon, NSUI presidential candidate gained a marginal lead of 100 votes over arch rival Ankiv Basoya (ABVP) while the status of the rest three posts - vice-president, secretary and joint secretary remained unaltered.

Owing to technical snag counting had to be stopped twice and it was after the sixth round when the NSUI raced ahead on the secretary post with its nominee Aakash Choudhary leaving behind ABVP's Sudhir Dedha it was brought to the notice of the DU election panel by the NSUI that votes on the secretary post were being displayed on an extra ballot 10 while there were only eight contenders for the post and the ninth ballot was NOTA.

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