Govt plan to review security categories

Tribune News Service

Jammu, April 9

The Jammu and Kashmir Government today said that the security review coordination committee (SRCC) which determines the security categorisation of those requiring separate security and vehicles would continue to review the security categorisation of the protectees.

In a statement issued here, the state government said the discussion in the state over the provision, modification and withdrawal of security to protectees in the state was based on hearsay, without knowledge of the process adopted for determining security needs of individuals.

The government clarified that the primary consideration for providing security to protectees was “threat perception”. Further, there were guidelines contained in the Yellow Book issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India. In Jammu and Kashmir, the additional aspect of militancy was factored in by indicating the security that would be provided in the militancy-affected areas. Based on these factors, the SRCC takes decisions on the level of security to be provided to various protectees.

In the last one year, a large number of protectees were either decategorised or their security reduced, based on their “threat perception”. Since the Governor’s rule in the state, this has freed 2,768 police personnel and 389 vehicles, many of which were in excess of entitlement.

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