All for change

Chris Hemsworth on changing gender norms in cinema

Chris Hemsworth’s movie choices post his success as Thor have one thing in common — strong and independent female characters. 

The actor played a handsome but daft-headed secretary in an all-female reboot of Ghostbusters and in his latest MIB: International, he features as Agent H opposite the franchise’s first on-field woman agent, Agent M (Tessa Thompson).

The Hollywood star says even though he has not picked these movies keeping in mind the debate around gender, he is happy that the change is finally happening. 

“I am glad that people are now well aware. And for younger generation, it is normal as opposed to my or the older generations. We have to rethink about it. Making it a norm should be the aim. That’s important and I think it’s occurring,” Hemsworth said in a group interview here. 

The 35-year-old Australian actor said the fact that audiences are open to female superhero films and have made movies like Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel a huge success, shows the shift. 

“It is fantastic that there is a change happening. There has been a conversation for a while now. You talked to people 10 years ago about of a female superhero film and most of them would have said it won’t work and so on. “I think Captain Marvel or Wonder Woman...these films have made more money than any of the other standalones. These films have as much or sort of more following and appreciation than other films. For my kids in particular, Wonder Woman is their favourite superhero,” he added. —PTI 

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