Sunday, November 23, 2003

Dreaming of crocodiles
Vinaya K. Manhas

A crocodile personifies deceit and danger. Thus dreams of crocodiles do not generally have positive interpretations.

As per Indian thought, seeing a crocodile in your dreams is not a good omen. It warns you that enemies are on the lookout to harm you and advises you to beware and be cautious. Seeing a crocodile dead or killed is, of course, a good omen, as it indicates that you shall gain victory over your enemies. But should the crocodile bite you or attack you and harm you, it warns you to be very cautious. Seeing crocodile skin in your possession is a promise of riches.

As per western thought, seeing a crocodile in your dreams warns you to beware of your friends. Do not trust them for they could be the ones to deceive you. They shall side with your enemies. Should you accidentally step on a crocodile, it warns you to be very careful about what you do or say. You could unknowingly get into trouble. After such a dream, you are warned not to trust anyone. You are advised not to share confidences with anyone.

Psychoanalytically speaking, crocodile symbolises deceit and cold-blooded and destructive acts. Seeing a crocodile in your dreams brings you face-to-face with an equally frightening and repulsive side to your personality. Should it be someone else you see in the form of a crocodile then it is an indication of the presence of those qualities in that person. Such personifications in dreams are very common and natural. It also denotes that one particular aspect of our personality is overshadowing the entire personality. The crocodile is a hunter and a carnivorous animal and also has a dreadful appearance. As such a dream of crocodiles also symbolises our fear of death and danger.

A 43-year-old man often saw himself fight with a crocodile in his dreams. He would see both himself and the crocodile entwined together, rolling in muddy waters. But in the end he would come out victorious. Either he would kill the crocodile or manage to escape unhurt. On the one had this dream can be interpreted to mean that the man perceives from someone or something, but at the same time he is confident of overcoming the danger. On the other hand, his being victorious could be simply wishful thinking.